Is E-Cig Smoke Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality?

January 19, 2015

Have you recently switched from smoking tobacco cigarettes to using an electronic vapor model? While you may be under the impression that these cigarettes are much less harmful when smoked indoors; the lack of scientific data to support these claims is alarming. Read on to learn more about the dangerous chemicals and toxic compounds that may be lingering around in your home and find out how you can identify what types of chemicals electronic cigarettes have been emitting through air quality testing.

Do you or a family member smoke e-cigarettes inside of your home? You may be surprised to learn the some of the facts outlined below:

  • There has been very little research performed on all of the current brands of e-cigs on the market and there have not been any long term studies on the effects of e-cigarette exposure since these cigarettes were first introduced to the market in 2003. A recent study conducted in France by the National Consumer’s Institute concluded about 30% of the electronic cigarettes tested by their researchers contained dangerous levels of formaldehyde coming very close to those of a conventional cigarette.
  • Without governmental regulation, the chemicals expelled by these cigarettes can vary widely from one model or brand to the next. Vapor pouches are also available in a variety of flavors, which can also alter their chemical compositions. Just because one brand or flavor of electronic cigarette has tested low for indoor air pollutants, does not mean that all of these models will test the same. The only way to be certain the brand you smoke isn’t emitting dangerous levels of formaldehyde and other toxic molecules in your home is to test your home air quality to ensure levels are safe.
  • Recent legislature has banned these cigarettes from the indoors in an increasing number of cities across the country. Governments are looking to regulate the sale of these devices along with where they can be used in public places. As more scientific research is performed on electronic cigarettes, state and national governments are enforcing stricter legislation on e-cigarettes to protect the public from harmful chemicals in public places.

Keeping your home air quality at a safe level is imperative to your health and to the health of your family. Don’t hesitate when it comes to making sure that your electronic cigarettes are not raising the levels of hazardous chemicals in your home. Perform a home air quality test and find out whether the e-cigarettes you’ve been smoking are really as harmless as you were led to believe.