Time for Spring Cleaning! Improve Your Home Air Quality by Completing These 5 Tasks

April 6, 2015

Now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and improve your home air quality. The best way to combat allergies and get rid of indoor air pollutants is to deep clean your home. As warmer weather arrives and spring cleaning gets underway, take the time to perform these tasks for cleaner home air:

#1 Vacuum your home from top to bottom

Getting rid of the dust and dirt around your home will significantly improve your indoor air quality. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and vacuum your entire house from top to bottom. Pay special attention to the areas underneath and behind furniture. Use your vacuum attachments to get to those hard to reach places including under your sofa cushions.

#2 Mop your floors

For areas with hard surface flooring, you will need to mop. Instead of using harsh chemical cleansers and a traditional cloth or sponge mop, invest in a microfiber mop that will trap more dust and dirt than regular mop and bucket. Chemical cleansers may contain ingredients that can be harmful to your health. Make sure you know what is in your cleaners and use them only when you can use additional ventilation. Also, try to store cleaners in a container with a tight-fitting lid to minimize passive emissions.

#3 Dust all surfaces

Take the time to dust all of the surfaces in your home including those hard to reach areas. This should include the tops of cabinets, light fixtures, and the blades of fans. Dust your windowsills, banisters, and the tops of surfaces that are out of reach. Use microfiber dust cloths designed to trap dust or a damp rag. You want to remove the dust instead of wiping it off and reintroducing it back into the air.

#4 Buy a doormat and remove shoes upon entering your home

Purchase a door mat and place one out at every door to your home. Pets and people track in a multitude of chemicals via the dirt on their shoes. Purchasing door mats reduces the amount of dirt, pesticides, and other outdoor pollutants from getting into your home. Wiping your shoes on the mat will reduce the amount of pollutants brought inside. Removing your shoes and leaving them at your door will keep these pollutants out.

#5 Clear out the clutter

Dust and dirt tend to accumulate in areas that are cluttered. Go through your closets and get rid of clothing that no longer fits, along with home furnishings you no longer use. Clear out cluttered basements. You can donate these items to a local charity. The easier that it is to clean your home; the less indoor air pollutants can accumulate.