Are You Using Unsafe Personal Care Products In Your Home?

June 25, 2015

Have you ever taken the time to read the label on your personal care products and scrutinized the list of ingredients? You may be surprised to find that the list contains dangerous chemicals that have been known to cause respiratory problems, birth defects, and cancer. These chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and/or inhaled.

The following is a list of the top five most commonly found ingredients in personal care products that may be hazardous to your health:

1. Diethylalomine – Shampoos and moisturizers may contain this ingredient which has been proven to inhibit fetal brain development.

2. Benzaldehyde – Commonly found in shampoo, hairspray, cologne, shave gels, and bar soap; this ingredient has been known to cause respiratory irritation and may cause kidney damage.

3. Benzyl Acetate – This carcinogenic ingredient is found in shampoos, cologne, deodorants, and hairspray; and has been directly linked to pancreatic cancer.

4. Benzyl alcohol – Found in nail polish remover, deodorants, perfume, soap, and shampoo; this ingredient causes severe respiratory irritation and can even cause death in extreme cases from respiratory failure.

5. Ethanol – May be found in perfume, hairspray, shaving cream, and nail polish. This chemical has also been linked to severe respiratory problems and central nervous system disorders.

How can you protect yourself and your indoor air from the dangers of the chemicals present in personal care products?

  • When using products containing any of these ingredients, ensure you have adequate ventilation. Make certain to use the fan in your bathroom and/or open any windows when you are using any of these products.
  • Avoid purchasing items that contain harsh chemicals that will contaminate your home air. Carefully read through product labels and scrutinize ingredient lists.
  • Look for products that are safer, which typically includes those derived from natural ingredients. More and more stores are stocking their shelves with personal care products derived from natural ingredients that do not contain the harsh chemicals that other mainstream brands may contain. Many of these natural products can also be purchased online.

When you think about how often that you use these products in your home, you will want to take precautions to protect your home air. The best way to ensure the quality of your home air is by using products that do not contain these hazardous chemicals.