Keep Home Air Clean with Toxin Free Holiday Cooking

December 8, 2015

Are chemically treated pots and pans really a threat to my health and my home air quality?

You may be surprised and disturbed to find out that the chemicals used in your non stick and anodized aluminum pans may pose a hazard to your health. Cooking with these pans may release hazardous toxic chemicals into the air and contaminate your food. Before cooking up your favorite holiday meals this season, take the time to learn more about the dangers of toxic cookware.

What are the dangers of non stick pans?

The coatings on non stick pans are made with a chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This chemical is made from perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which has been directly linked to male infertility, hormonal disruption, high cholesterol, and thyroid problems. Teflon, Excalibur, and Silverstone are popular brands of non stick cookware using PTFE coatings.

Research has shown that PTFE coatings have been found to emit six different toxic chemicals and have even been alleged to trigger an illness referred to as “Teflon flu.” This sickness is characterized by headaches, backaches, and chills brought on by exposure to a pan heated to a mere 100°F or higher. When heating a pan to temps over 464°F, PTFE-based coatings emit ultrafine particulates. PFOA is released into the air when the pans reach 680°F.

 What are the dangers of anodized aluminum?

Aluminum has been linked to bone and brain damage and has been found to interfere with the central nervous system. PTFE is also used in the non stick coatings of popular brands of anodized aluminum cookware. Avoid using this type of cookware to reduce health related concerns.

What are the safest pans to use?

The safest pans to use are cast iron, enameled cast iron, glass, stoneware, and stainless steel. Cast iron is not only a healthy cookware option; it is also one of the most durable. Have a cast iron skillet on hand to prepare a variety of holiday dishes. Enameled cast iron has a glass coating over an iron pan and has a natural non stick surface which makes it the perfect option for roasting meats. Purchase glass or stoneware casserole dishes, pie pans, and loaf pans to complete your holiday feast.

Protect yourself and your home air quality by getting rid of your non stick coated pans and anodized aluminum cookware. Prepare your holiday meals with confidence in knowing you are sharing a meal with family and friends free from the toxic chemicals found in unsafe cookware.