El Niño’s Impact on Indoor Air Quality

February 17, 2016

Meteorologists have spent a lot of time discussing the El Niño weather pattern dominating the Unites States this winter season and explaining how it impacts the weather in the various regions of the country. While it has become common knowledge that this pattern brings lots of moisture to the South and dry warm air to the Midwest, the effects of this weather pattern on the indoor air quality of your home are not as well documented.

Homeowners in areas that typically do not get a lot of precipitation are usually not as concerned about mold growth as homeowners in areas that see a lot of precipitation. This is especially true for the states in the Southwest. Since most of the southern US states are experiencing a wetter than average winter, mold growth has become a serious threat to this region’s indoor air quality.

Maintenance and prevention are your best protection against the threat of mold. In order to grow, mold needs water. Keeping your home protected against water leaks and water intrusion via ventilation systems is paramount in preventing mold growth.

Take the time to clear out your gutters and inspect your downspouts. Have your roof inspected by a professional and make sure any defects are repaired. Call out a licensed technician to inspect your HVAC system and to check for any signs of mold. Inspect your window seals and look for signs of condensation build up. Have the windows resealed should you detect any interior signs of moisture.

In the northern states and Midwest, the above average temperatures and lower precipitation provide homeowners with a rare opportunity to let in some fresh air during the winter months. Take advantage of warmer weather days and open a few windows around your home. Air that is not circulated becomes concentrated with chemical and biological contaminants. These airborne threats can wreak havoc on allergies and cause more serious respiratory problems. Allowing fresh air to circulate will drastically improve air quality indoors.

The weather related anomalies brought on by El Niño have a direct impact on the healthiness of your home air. Follow the helpful tips outlined above to improve your home air quality and have your indoor air tested with a Home Air Check kit not only to alert you to the presence of mold but to check for the presence of other airborne threats to your home’s air.