A Closer Look at Office Air Quality Testing & Common Workplace Air Pollutants

February 24, 2016

Don’t make the mistake of assuming all office air quality testing providers are alike; find the best test available on the market. There are hundreds of pollutants that may be present in your office air. You deserve to have peace of mind that the air you are breathing on a daily basis is not posing an immediate threat to your health.

Home improvement stores have started carrying cheaper kits designed to test residential home air. Low grade tests provide you with substandard results. If you are serious about testing your workplace air and finding out which pollutants are present, an Office Air Check is your best option available on the market. This test provides a professional grade analysis and easy to understand results.

The threat of office air pollution is a serious one. Not only can poor quality air slow down your workplace productivity, it can also make you sick. If you start experiencing respiratory problems, headaches, or other symptoms on a regular basis in your office, it is time to have the office air tested.

What are some of the most common office air threats?

#1 Mold

With poor ventilation and moist conditions, mold can grow and spores can spread rapidly throughout an office area. Older office buildings are especially susceptible to mold growth. If you detect a musty smell when you arrive at work or notice signs of mold growth or water damage on walls or window casings, alert management to this health hazard.

#2 Fumes from office equipment, air fresheners, and cleaning supplies

A lack of fresh air in many office buildings allows toxic fumes to build up and reach unhealthy levels. Many offices rely upon harsh chemical cleaners and air fresheners. These commonly used products contain a plethora of hazardous chemicals that pose serious health risks. Office equipment such as fax machines and copiers also emit toxic fumes. High concentrations of the fumes emitted by these machines and products could be making you ill.

#3 Chemical fumes from office furnishings and flooring 

Many offices contain flooring and furniture that contains toxic chemicals. Fire retardant sprays used to treat office furniture emit toxic fumes. This is also true for flooring. Whether your office has composite, laminate flooring, or carpeting, the chemicals emitted by can build up to dangerous levels in an office space containing little ventilation. Only a thorough office air test will alert you to the presence of these chemical pollutants.