Helpful Tips on Protecting Your Home Air during Peak Pollen Season

June 23, 2016

Allergy sufferers don’t need a calendar to tell them peak pollen season is in full swing. With symptoms ranging from itchy eyes to uncontrollable sneezing, their bodies let them know that the pollen counts are high. This article will provide you with some tips on how to minimize the amount of pollen that makes its way inside of your home.

Tip #1 Keep windows closed during peak allergy season
While it is important to air out your home to circulate fresh air, avoid opening windows and doors during high pollen counts if you suffer from allergies. Open windows are an invitation for pollen to come inside.

Tip #2 Shower, wash your hair, and change your clothing after being outdoors and leave your shoes outside
Pollen is invisible to the naked eye. After spending time outdoors it is important to shower and wash your hair before laying down in bed or sitting on your furniture. You can transfer pollen to your bedding and the surfaces of the furniture in your home. Change your clothing and place your soiled clothes into a hamper with a tight fitting lid until laundry day. The soles of your shoes can also track pollen indoors. Leave your shoes in your garage or on a mat right outside of your door.

Tip #3 Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter
Vacuums equipped with a HEPA filter are able to filter out tiny particles such as pollen. If you vacuum without a HEPA filtered model you are basically sucking up pollen and expelling it into your home air. Invest in a model equipped with a HEPA filter to reduce the amount of pollen in your home and use it frequently during peak allergy season. Always empty vacuums outdoors to avoid releasing all of the particles back into your home air.

Tip #4 Wipe down your pets after time spent outdoors
Just as human hair and clothing act as an attractant to airborne outdoor pollen, so does your pet’s hair. Brush your pet’s fur off before bringing them back indoors and use a damp cloth to wipe down your pet’s coat and paws. This will help minimize the amount of pollen they bring into your home.

Tip #5 Monitor pollen counts in your area
There are numerous websites that will provide you with information on the pollen counts in your area. Be extra vigilant during high pollen times to protect the air inside of your home. Avoid going outside during peak pollen times and limit the number of times you open and close your doors.