How Safe is Your Office Air? Ventilation to Be Required in All New York Nail Salons

October 4, 2016

In an effort to reduce the dangerous health effects of chemicals used in nail salons across New York State, all new salons will now be required to install ventilation systems to protect workers and patrons. Existing salons will have five years to comply with these new regulations. Salon owners will be financially responsible to install necessary equipment or face fines and potential license revocation. While this ruling only applies to nail salons throughout New York, legislation to protect workers from polluted workplace air is long overdue and it is time for other states to follow suit.

For many years, nail salon workers have complained the chemicals commonly found in polishes, polish removers, and acrylic nail products have been causing them to suffer from numerous health issues. The chemicals in nail products have been linked to minor health problems such as respiratory and skin irritation, eye irritation, and more serious health problems such as cancer and reproductive issues. While some nail salon workers wear protective masks to reduce particulate exposure while performing a service on a client, many fail to realize that the dangerous chemical fumes from these products linger in the air contaminating the entire workplace. The levels of chemical pollutants in the air inside of a nail salon can reach extremely dangerous heights.

There are a number of office spaces that share ventilation systems in strip malls and mixed commercial and residential buildings. Toxic chemicals from a dry cleaner, nail salon, or restaurant may be infiltrating your office air even if you work in an adjacent office space. How can you make sure you aren’t breathing in dozens of harmful chemicals and VOCs that are negatively affecting your health every day? We suggest you start by performing an Office Air Check test.

An Office Air test is designed to provide office workers and employers with information about air quality within the workplace. This accurate test is able to detect hundreds of VOC’s as well as active mold growth. Additional tests for Formaldehyde and,tobacco smoke are also available.

As more states enact legislation designed to promote healthier air in the workplace, more employers should be encouraged to take steps in ensuring their workers are breathing clean air. Studies have demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between increased productivity and better indoor air quality. Be proactive in choosing to provide employees with a healthy atmosphere and have your office air tested.