How to Combat Common Indoor Air Problems During the Winter Months

February 9, 2017

The winter months have arrived and for most Americans, this also means cooler weather is forcing us to spend more time indoors. As the temperature plummets, it is important to make sure your indoor air quality stays at a safe level. Keep your family healthy this winter season by protecting the quality of your home air.

#1 Make sure your home has optimal air circulation and ventilation

During the winter, it can be more difficult to allow fresh air to circulate inside through open doors and windows. Poor indoor air circulation can promote the spread of bacteria and viruses. Bacteria or viruses can become airborne and subsequently inhaled encouraging the spread of coughs, colds and flu. Minimal air circulation also induces asthma and allergy symptoms. Inadequate ventilation in bathrooms can encourage the growth of mold and trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Turn on your celling fans to circulate air throughout your home, change the filter on your HVAC system routinely, and run the exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen when necessary to promote proper ventilation.

#2 Do not use chemical-laden products inside of your home

Avoid excess use of these products that contain chemical ingredients. This includes: air fresheners, soaps, cleaning supplies, detergents, fragrances, health and beauty products, and any other product that contains chemical ingredients. While you should avoid using products containing harsh chemicals throughout the year, the lack of fresh air available in the winter allows the concentrations of these chemicals to build up to dangerous levels quite quickly. If you have been experiencing headaches, fatigue, allergy or asthma symptoms, or other unexplained health issues, poor indoor air quality may be to blame. Opt for products containing natural ingredients that are free of chemical fragrances. Skip harsh chemical cleaners and detergents. This will improve the overall air quality of your home and your health.

#3 Test your indoor air quality with a Home Air Test

Testing the quality of your home air during the winter months is an ideal way to identify any potential indoor air quality threats so you can address them immediately. Why allow your family to breathe in toxic VOCs or actively growing mold spores when a simple and affordable test can provide you with the information you need concerning your home’s air quality? For complete peace of mind, order the kit that also includes a formaldehyde test to alert you to the presence of this dangerous chemical commonly used in the manufacture of building materials and numerous household products.