5 Things Business Owners Can Do to Promote Healthy Office Air Quality

April 3, 2017

Business owners have numerous responsibilities they must perform to be successful. Quite often promoting healthy office air quality can fall by the wayside. It isn’t until an employer sees a high rate of absenteeism or an increase in allergy and respiratory illness complaints from workers until they feel there is a cause for concern.

Office air quality is a key component to a business’s success. Offices with poor air quality show higher rates of employee sick days, lower productivity, and reduced employee cognitive performance. The quality of the air in your office is directly related to your worker’s overall health, well-being, and job performance.

Follow these five tips to promote healthier office air quality:

#1 Learn about what can cause poor office air quality

Knowing the most common causes for poor office air quality will help you to spot potential problems. Mold, chemical cleaning solutions, inadequate ventilation, improper placement of an air intake vent, strong air fresheners and fragrances, paints, laminate flooring and furniture are common sources of office air pollution. Being able to identify and reduce the threat is the first step in achieving healthier office air.

#2 Test the quality of your office air annually

While making the initial decision to purchase an office air quality test is extremely important, you will want to test the air annually to guarantee that no new contaminants have been introduced. The sooner you can detect a possible office air quality threat, the sooner you can remedy the problem.

#3 Establish and enforce nonsmoking policies

Cigarette smoke is one of the most dangerous pollutants that can be introduced to office air. Make sure that no one ever smokes inside of your building, near entrances or garage doors, or near ventilation intakes. While your employees may know your policy, make sure that delivery drivers, salespeople, and customers also follow these rules.

#4 Encourage employees to help reduce office air pollutants

Enlist the help of your employees in promoting healthier office air by asking them to avoid wearing or using fragranced products, chemical cleaners, and sanitizing solutions. Place a few houseplants around the office to help remove airborne chemicals.

#5 Keep a maintenance log tracking HVAC system maintenance and filter changes

Familiarize yourself with your HVAC system and make sure you change or wash the filters routinely depending on the specific model you have. Keep a log recording your HVAC system service appointments and schedule annual inspections and cleanings for optimal service.