Interesting Reads for Living and Workspace Health

December 12, 2017

Educating yourself and understanding the risks of mold, toxins, and other hazards in your household and within your life is important to your health. If you are interested in further educating yourself about these potential risks, including what to do to prevent them and potential action plans, we have some great reads to consider:

Healthy Living Spaces: Top 10 Hazards Affecting Your Health by Daniel Stih
In this fantastic read Stih lays out 10 of the most common hazards that you might find in the household. Stih has developed a concise, easy to read and understand manual that not only explains what these hazards are and their causes but also describes ways to fix and prevent them. This would be a perfect read for first time homeowners and renters and those who have recently moved.

The Mold Survival Guide for Your Home Health and For Your Health by Jeffery C. May and Connie L. May
The authors of The Mold Survival Guide have created an extremely in-depth guide on one of the most common and problematic issues within homes, offices, and other spaces. If you are someone who is particularly sensitive to mold this is likely to be a particularly helpful guide for you. However, mold can be problematic in any home and can cause cold-like symptoms even in non-sensitive and non-allergic people.

My Office is Killing Me!: The Sick Building Survival Guide by Jeffery C. May
Mr. May brings us another extremely useful guide for problematic toxins and pollutants in your life, this time focused on the workplace and potential exposures. The workplace is often overlooked when discussing indoor pollutants but we spend much of our time in our workplaces. May discusses potential issues within the workplace and what action plans are available in this space that you have little to no control of.

Healthy Home Tips by Jeffery C. May and Connie L. May
The Authors of The Mold Survival Guide provide an extensive guide on how to prevent and eliminate pollutants within your home. This is an incredibly fun and easy read that also becomes interactive in the form of a checklist. Take an active part in improving your indoor air quality by using this checklist and address problem areas around your home. This is a fantastic tool for people who have recently moved or those who could use an update on their home health routine.