Best And Worst States For Indoor Air Quality

July 25, 2018

Whether relocating for work, for family time, or for another reason, there is no shortage of data available for which states are best. You can find nearly any state ranking you might desire with the stroke of a few keyboard keys. So why not also search for indoor air quality rankings? For years now Home Air Check has been amassing this data. We have compiled and sifted through it to provide you with the Best and Worst States for Indoor Air Quality VOCs.

Where does your state rank? Click or scroll to your state and just below the map you will find your state’s ranking (1-50, Best to Worst).

Best States for IAQ VOCs:

1. Hawaii

2. Wyoming

3. Oregon

4. Vermont

5. West Virginia

Worst States for IAQ VOCs:

46. Alabama

47. South Carolina

48. Florida

49. Arkansas

50. Nebraska

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