Keeping Your Indoor Air Quality Healthy Through Winter

March 8, 2019

Spring is almost here, but, for a few more weeks, our windows are locked tight, maybe insulated, and our dusty electric heaters, wood or coal stoves are working at full force. Have you considered the quality of the air that’s trapped in your house? Not paying attention to indoor air quality can lead to the development of allergies and respiratory issues.

Some easy ways to improve the quality of indoor air is keeping things clean, removing dust from floors and surfaces and vacuuming carpets. Maintain a healthy level of humidity in your house; the Environmental Protection Agency recommends a humidity level within the 30 to 60% range. Depending on how dry your air is, you can use a humidifier or dehumidifier to meet that range. Finally, you can introduce plants into your home. Not only are they hard workers when it comes to removing pollutants from the air, but evidence shows that plants actually make us happier.

Source: The River