Air Quality Trends

June 7, 2019

EPA creates air quality trends using measurements from monitors located across the country. The table below show that air quality based on concentrations of the common pollutants has improved nationally since 1980.

1980 vs 20171990 vs 20172000 vs 20172010 vs 2017
Carbon Monoxide-84-77-61-13
Nitrogen Dioxide (annual)-63-56-49-21
Nitrogen Dioxide (1-hour)-60-50-35-14
Ozone (8-hour)-32-22-17-5
PM10 (24-hour)-34-300
PM2.5 (annual)-41-18
PM2.5 (24-hour)-40-10
Sulfur Dioxide (1-hour)-90-88-79-66

Despite great progress in air quality improvement, approximately 111 million people nationwide lived in counties with pollution levels above the primary NAAQS in 2017. 

Source: EPA