Can Air Purifiers Enhance Sleep?

December 3, 2019

What is the latest thing you have tried to improve your sleep? Maybe a white noise machine, blackout curtains, earplugs? And how many of them have you already tried? The list probably goes on and on, since there is no magic formula that works for everyone. However, the latest sleep-improving tool is something that we may have been overlooking the entire time. If you still have not found the right thing for you, and you are not tired of trying, here is why you should try air purifiers.

How Air Purifiers Improve Sleep

We all know that sleep deprivation is bad for so many reasons, so it is no wonder that people will try anything to improve their sleep. The good news is that sleep purifiers actually work. The magic lies in their ability to use HEPA filters and trap around 99,97% of airborne allergens like bacteria, pet dander, dust mites, dust, etc.

Air purifiers are particularly beneficial for people who suffer from allergies because allergy symptoms are often a huge sleep disruptor. Stuffy nose, congestion, sneezing, and short breath are all red flags signaling that you have an allergy. And that is not all; it is the type of allergy that can wake you up at night, and lower your sleep quality.

Another convenient thing is that air purifiers can also act like white noise machines, so it is like having two sleep aid device in one. The fan in some air purifiers can produce a humming, soothing sounds.  It blocks out the noise and helps you fall asleep faster.

And finally, the biggest advantage, and the primary role of these devices: providing fresh air. Fresh air plays a significant role in our sleep routine because we sleep better in slightly cooler environments, for which fresh air is essential. It will help our body temperature to drop and induce sleep.

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Do I Need an Air Purifier?

Many people claim that they sleep much more soundly when they are in the mountains, and it is all because of the fresh mountain air. But unless you live in the mountains, the second-best thing that you can do to enhance the quality of the air you breathe is to use an air purifier. If you are still having second thoughts about it, here is our list of signs that suggest you need one.

  • If you notice you are sneezing regularly indoors, that means that there is certainly some type of air pollution going on. And if you have pets, this can be particularly tricky, so using air purifiers will help you keep your pets and fresh air.
  • Dust is everywhere, no matter how hard we try to clean it daily. Air purifiers will not set you free of dusting, but they will reduce the amount of dust pilling around your bedroom, in the corners, under the bed, as well as dust mites. If dust is your main problem, seek devices that are quiet but come with higher speeds.
  • If you suffer from COPD, emphysema, or allergies, your airways are probably too sensitive to cope with air pollution, and that is why you are experiencing breathing problems. Since in this case, the air quality is essential, check the models that are high on the AHAM scale, to find the best one.
  • If someone in the house is sick, breathing in the fresh air will help the patient to recover faster. But it will also protect other people living in the same house from catching viruses and bacteria that are floating in the air.
  • If you snore, it could be because the high concentration of dander or pollen in the air is keeping your airways congested. Using an air purifier should reduce annoying snoring over time, as the air quality improves.
  • If you or some of your family members are smoking, then you are aware there is not much fresh air in your house. Regular tobacco smokers do not even notice the difference anymore. The tobacco smoke test option of Home Air Check looks for specific chemical compounds known to be present in secondhand smoke as well as third hand smoke. It is so hard to get rid of the unpleasant tobacco smell unless you use a device for purifying the air.


In case you had any doubts, we hope they are gone now. Air purifiers are not just improving our sleep; they are improving the quality of our life at the same time. You have to stay real, and do not expect to see the improvement after just one night, use it regularly to get the ideal results and air quality. Also, the offer of these devices is vast, so finding the right one requires a bit of research.

Pay attention to key features, does the device have a HEPA filter, can it fight VOC, is it loud, how many square meters it covers, what is the number of speeds and their limit, etc. You are investing in a device that is going to serve you primary as a sleep aid, but it is going to do so much more for your health in the long run, at the same time.

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Pamela Lezama is an interior designer. Her skills and passion enable her to help people in making their dream house into a reality. She is not just particular on the designs, but she also makes sure that the quality of the bed and mattress she chooses are topnotch.