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OAC test kits

The Indoor Air You Breathe Doesn’t Have to be a Mystery.

Trusted tests help you better understand your office air quality.

All tests include:

Single-use indoor air quality test kit with sampling pump, air sample collector, instructions and pre-paid shipping label for easy return

Testing in our state of the art AIHA accredited lab for accurate results

Results reported and e-mailed within 5 business days of receipt at the lab

Suggestions on how to improve your air quality

E-mail and phone support

Find out more about common household pollutants, VOCs, mold formaldehyde and tobacco smoke

Return your Samples and the Sampling Pump within 14 Days

Return your samples and the sampling pump within 14 days to ensure the most accurate results. The sampling pump in the kit must be returned to Prism within 14 days. If the pump is not shipped back to Prism within 14 days from date of receipt by customer, it will be necessary to charge your credit card an additional $200 for the purchase of the sampling equipment.

Delivery Time

Delivery time will vary depending on the delivery method chosen at checkout. Please refer to our Return and Order Cancellation Policy for complete details.

International Orders
Please contact us by email at or by phone at +877-243-5247 to order.

Terms and Conditions


The results contained in any report are dependent upon a number of factors, which may include, but are not limited to, the sampling techniques utilized, the size or source of the sample, the compounds which make up the Tobacco Smoke and/or the type of Tobacco Smoke present (mainstream, secondhand, or third hand smoke). Prism can only report on the results of the tests performed on the sample(s) obtained and delivered by the client. Prism in no way warrants, represents or implies that additional samples will achieve a similar test result if tested. Home Air Check and Tobacco Smoke Check laboratory results are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for an industrial hygiene site assessment.

Prism does not warrant that the contents of any report will meet the end user’s requirements, or that the assessment, evaluation or testing of the sample or any part thereof will be uninterrupted or error free, or that defects in the sample will be corrected. Prism does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the testing, assessment or evaluation of the sample(s) in terms of their correctness, accuracy, liability or otherwise.

Neither Prism, nor any of its affiliates, agents, officers, directors, employees, or successors (the “Prism Parties”) expresses any opinion about action which may or should be taken based upon the results provided. Furthermore the Prism Parties shall not be liable for any claims, actions, causes of action, costs, loss of service, expenses and compensation whatsoever which may now or hereafter occur or accrue based upon the information contained in any report.

About Shipping and Taxes

There are shipping fees associated with each order. Once you are in the checkout stage of the ordering process, you will be able to calculate accurate shipping costs to your address. Choosing rush shipping on your order (Next Day or 2nd Day Air) ensures that your sample reaches our lab as soon as possible for analysis. However, rush shipping does not mean rush analysis. Our standard turnaround time for all analyses is 5 business days from receipt of sample. At this time, we do not offer rush analysis service. So, by choosing rush shipping on your order, you ensure that we receive your kit quickly and can get your sample into our 5-day analysis queue faster.

Currently, we do not collect taxes on orders.

AIHA accredited lab

Each Home Air Check test is analyzed by Prism Analytical Technologies, an industrial hygiene air testing laboratory accredited by the AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association). In order to become accredited, a laboratory must undergo a rigorous application and review process every two years. This accreditation process takes months to complete and each laboratory must formally demonstrate its competence to conduct testing, thereby increasing the credibility of the testing results. This conformity assessment encompasses all operations of the lab, including management, technical competence of the lab personnel, the validity of the testing methodology, and the validity of the results. Technical competence of a lab depends upon its quality control systems, plus qualifications, training and experience of the lab staff, demonstration of proficiency in testing, appropriate handling of samples, suitable testing environment, properly calibrated and maintained equipment, traceability to national standards and accurate reporting.

Prism Analytical Technologies (ID 166272) is accredited by the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), LLC in the Industrial Hygiene accreditation program for GC/MS Field of Testing as documented by the Scope of Accreditation Certificate and associated Scope.

Prism Analytical Technologies (ID 166272) is accredited by the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), LLC in the Unique Scope accreditation program for Formaldehyde Field of Testing as documented by the Scope of Accreditation Certificate and associated Scope